Gardenia has a Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education and holds a NY State Certified Teacher Professional License for Birth to Second Grade. She is also CPR and First Aid Certified, as well as fingerprinted for the Department of Education and the Department of Health.

"Throughout my career I have prided myself on the connections that I've made with the children that attend our daycare. Gardens Daycare strives to offer the best care, in a nurturing environment.

Growing up I volunteer in a daycare nearby and realized that I gravitated toward that profession. I became a mother at a young age, and became passionate about childcare. I realized that I wanted to provide a safe place for children to stay while their parents worked to provide for them. To build a safe haven as perfect as the one I would entrust my own children to.

I have been working with children for seven years, licensed, and prior to that for three years as a teenager.

Empathy is a huge part of what motivates my mission. When I had my children and the time came to find reliable services to watch them while I worked, the anxiety was crippling. So many emotions run through you as your role changes from a woman to a mother, from a man to a father.

I know how life changes, and that everyone wants what is best for their child, no matter what age they choose to come to daycare.

I have made it my goal to create a place where parents can make that transition with ease and am proud to say that parents who have chosen Gardens Daycare have found this is the right place for them.

Each new child is a new journey for me, and I make sure to take care of each new face that walks through my door with the same love and dedication as those that have been regularly attending."

Please take a moment to read through our site and learn more about Gardens Daycare. Here you will find information about our mission, our facilities and staff, and much more. Being an entrepreneur and exploring all areas of childcare, I have learned that having an open relationship with each parent is extremely important for the stability of their child. I welcome any questions you may have about our daycare center, and invite you to contact me via the "contact" page or directly at gardensdaycare@hotmail.com


We currently have three staff members in addition to the owner - Gardenia Díaz. All staff are CPR certified in both pediatric and adult cardiac assistance.

Here at Gardens we pride ourselves in being bilingual. Each of our staff members speaks English and Spanish.